Post-Election Blues: Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns

When I saw the election results, it wasn’t so much that I was thrilled Trump got elected – it was more of a sense of relief that Hillary didn’t.

I decided the best course of action was to try and be a gracious winner and not gloat or rub anyone’s noses in it.

The events of this week, however, have changed my mind.  Now, I’m overjoyed Trump got elected.  And, as much as I know this is wrong, I’m experiencing a wave of schadenfreude as I watch liberals self-destruct.

To those children who are rioting in the streets and to those celebrities who are breaking down in tears:

All of you, to one degree or another, have no idea that you are like little robots.  Your party leaders don’t respect you; to the contrary.  They know you’re easily programmable and if they play the right tune, you’ll dance to it.


Because you honestly have no clue that people don’t have to agree with you.  You have no idea whatsoever that your feelings, no matter how strong, do not really matter in the general scheme of things.  The Democratic Party knows this and they use it get you to support anything they wish, factual or not.

Watching these disappointed children try to explain why they’re rioting is laughable.  They honestly have no idea.  All they know is they didn’t get their way even though they really, really, really wanted to.  To them, it’s is completely inexplicable that the elections results went against their desires because their feelings have always been put above everything else.  So, they do what they’ve always done:  throw a temper tantrum.

Watching celebrities completely break down is another thing that makes me happy to see Trump win.  Again, I’m not proud of this, but it’s true.

This is a group of people who are too dense to realize their sense of self-importance only exists because they’re pandered to by sycophants who make a living off of them.

Chelsea Handler broke down on camera and, as she bounced up and down on her chair like three-year-old crying because she has to eat her vegetables, explained how even though she wants to move to Spain, the people in her office told her she’s too important and has an obligation to stay.

Chelsea, you pay them.  What did you expect them to say?  “Oh, go ahead and move… we’ll find other jobs.”

Seth Meyers, you have what?  A 0.41 rating?  Good job… that means half of Jimmy Fallon’s audience changes the channel when you come on.

Miley Cyrus, at the end of her tear-filled breakdown video, said she accepted Donald Trump and the next day started an organization to oppose him.  Thanks for giving him a chance.  But, you said you were moving and aren’t, so we already knew you were a hypocrite.

Actors don’t realize they aren’t their characters.

Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Banner is a genius.  You’re not.  Ben Affleck, Tony Mendez and Batman are heroes.  You’re the guy who played dress-up.  Robert DeNiro, you’ve played so many tough guy characters you actually think you’re a tough guy.  You do know that fights in real life aren’t scripted and rehearsed with stunt men, right?

And, who the hell is Lena Dunham?

To our puffed up actors:  We buy tickets to your movies despite your opinions, not because of them.  We like your characters even when we really think you’re an idiot.

You serve no purpose in our society than to give us a two hour distraction from what we do – contribute to society in real ways.

You’re not moving like you said you would because you think you’re too important when reality is it just wouldn’t matter.  And, honestly, none of us thought you would because we know that all you do is clamor for attention and there’s no real substance behind that pretty face (or Chelsea Handler’s face, or Whoopi’s face, or…)

I would, however like to thank you for your hysterics, your tears, your whining, your hypocrisy and your meltdowns.  You have served the only purpose you serve in society:

You’ve entertained us.