Welcome to the Real World

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” ― The Apostle Peter

Last week, I began writing about confession and forgiveness. This week, I planned to look a bit closer at confession, however I found there are some foundational principles which must be covered prior to getting into specifics.

Guess What?  You’re in the Matrix
We’ve been lied to.  We’ve spent our lives assuming what we can observe with our five senses is our environment in its entirety.  We believe our enemies are people.  We believe our flesh is our real selves… and we spend obscene amounts of money preserving or destroying it.  We believe pleasure brings us joy.

The Real World is much different.  In the Real World, there are two realms… the physical and the spiritual.  As humans, we are aberrations in that we permanently exist in both.  Our flesh resides in the physical realm, however our souls exist in the spiritual realm.  It’s why the Bible says we are in this world, but not of this world.  My true self is my soul.  It just happens to reside temporarily in this flesh.  (The Bible says that even when we die, we’ll be given new bodies.  I sure hope mine is a lot leaner than the one I have now.)

Unfortunately, we live the lie.  We focus our attention on the physical realm when our attention should primarily be on the spiritual realm.

You’re in the Army, Private!
The Apostle Paul talks a lot about the spiritual realm and tells us there’s a great war going on.  The battles involve us… either our salvation or our destruction.  As with most situations, this one is defined by “who, what, when, where and why”.

Who is involved? – All of us.  We’re all involved whether we like it or not.  Think of it this way:  Your home has been invaded.  You didn’t choose for that to happen, but you’re fighting for your life anyway.

What is it about? – Ultimately, it’s a battle for truth.  We are defined by our beliefs, most of the time with eternal consequences.

When is it happening? – Right now.  This very second.

Why is it happening? – Because Satan wants what he can’t have.

The Bible tells us Satan is the greatest of all angels.  Unfortunately, his narcissism is greater than the sum of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian combined.  You could even throw in Donald Trump, Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Obama, Miley Cyrus and Justin “Summer’s Eve” Bieber and still have plenty of room to spare.

Satan is so full of himself he actually believes he deserves to be God.  So, he tried.  And he failed.  And he took his followers with him.  Satan has been denied what he believes is his destiny… he was unable to defeat the One who created him.  The Son is creator, therefore Satan hates Jesus Christ absolutely.

Satan’s ultimate frustration is he can’t really hurt Jesus.  I mean, let’s face it.  Jesus could be in bed with the flu and kidney stones and still destroy Satan with a glance.

So, if Satan can’t hurt Jesus what can he do?  He can go after us.  We’re God’s children… and what better way to hurt someone than to target their kids?

It’s kind of stupid, really.  It’s like avoiding being killed by the mama bear by beating up her cubs.

At some point, Satan is going to face a really angry bear.

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